Friday, October 14, 2016

WIW: The Bohemian Burgundy Floppy Hat

blogger looking to the side with burgundy wool floppy hat with white top, black leggings, black leather boots and black tote.

This will probably sound like a psychological episode waiting to happen but atlas it is the truth, this past week my beloved has been reunited with me and my heart is suddenly full again. Man? Woman? You may ask. No no, my loves. No - my car, Cams!

This has been a tough few months while trying to get the proper part to fix her. It was all worth it though because there's a higher respect for her and admiration. There's an appreciation that came with a simple trip to Target. Honestly, that's a true story. 

We drove to Target after a long ride to no where.
Just being free as can be and yet, in this one trip I was filled with joy after buying a new face wash, cinnamon cider candle and yes - you guessed it - a beautiful burgundy wool floppy hat. Je ne regrette rien.

a close up image of blogger with burgundy wool floppy hat from target looking to the side

Paired with my sample sale white oversized Alice and Olivia top, Uniqlo leggings, black heeled leather boots and a berry lip, I owned the day. If you read my post previous to this one, I still believe that there is a level of confidence that you need to wear, or perhaps portray, to pull off these hats. They're so satisfying and just makes you feel like you're wearing a hug every second of the day. 

For the record, this hat was less than $25. That's right. Far better than a few that were listed previously. To add, Target continuously surprises me with their quality and this one was made to last for quite a while. 

blogger standing and smiling with burgundy wool floppy hat, berry lipstick, white top, black leggings and black leather boots.
Burgundy/Maroon Wool Floppy Hat - Target (similar) // White Oversized Top - Alice & Olivia (similar) // Heattech Black Leggings - Uniqlo // Black Heeled Boots - Tommy Hilfiger (similar) // Black Faux Leather Tote - Gift from the Bellevue Collection Runway show (similar) // Glam Life Lipstick - LOC by Tati 

Kisses, Kisses, mes amies!


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