Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Hat Inpiration 2016

6 burgundy, tan, olive, brown black and grey wool floppy hats
Burgundy Floppy Wool Hat - Halogen // Floppy Brim Wool Fedora - Rag and Bone //  Brown Winter Floppy Hat - Branded // Felt Floppy Hat Burnt Ochre - Old Navy // Black Double Cord Wool Floppy Hat - Apt 9 // Grey Light Heather Floppy Wool Hat - Hinge
There are "hat people" and there are ... "non-hat" people. There is, most certainly, an air of confidence that needs to be presented when wearing at hat outside of an American NFL cap. We've somehow become accustom to wearing our Mariner's hats and Seahawks well into the coldest weathers of the month, here in the PNW. However, stepping outside of that can/could be a challenge for those trying to avoid questionable looks.

Women have a lot of rules that we think we need to follow and it's tough to live by those standards when you just want to be different. It can be stressful to walk out in something that doesn't look like everyone else. We live by society standards and its understandable that we panic when no one else agrees. These hats might challenge these standards but - by God - they're fun.

A woman walking down the street in a burgundy floppy hat with long dark brown wavy hair and red lipstick

woman standing in snow wearing a dark cream wool floppy hat with a grey shawl, black leggings and grey booties

woman wearing a black wool floppy hat with a long cotton top and short with a tattoo and red lips

woman wearing a burgundy wool floppy hat with light brown hair in a side braid, floral scarf and warm cream colored sweater

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