Friday, October 14, 2016

WIW: The Bohemian Burgundy Floppy Hat

blogger looking to the side with burgundy wool floppy hat with white top, black leggings, black leather boots and black tote.

This will probably sound like a psychological episode waiting to happen but atlas it is the truth, this past week my beloved has been reunited with me and my heart is suddenly full again. Man? Woman? You may ask. No no, my loves. No - my car, Cams!

This has been a tough few months while trying to get the proper part to fix her. It was all worth it though because there's a higher respect for her and admiration. There's an appreciation that came with a simple trip to Target. Honestly, that's a true story. 

We drove to Target after a long ride to no where.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Hat Inpiration 2016

6 burgundy, tan, olive, brown black and grey wool floppy hats
Burgundy Floppy Wool Hat - Halogen // Floppy Brim Wool Fedora - Rag and Bone //  Brown Winter Floppy Hat - Branded // Felt Floppy Hat Burnt Ochre - Old Navy // Black Double Cord Wool Floppy Hat - Apt 9 // Grey Light Heather Floppy Wool Hat - Hinge
There are "hat people" and there are ... "non-hat" people. There is, most certainly, an air of confidence that needs to be presented when wearing at hat outside of an American NFL cap. We've somehow become accustom to wearing our Mariner's hats and Seahawks well into the coldest weathers of the month, here in the PNW. However, stepping outside of that can/could be a challenge for those trying to avoid questionable looks.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Rent the Runway Sample Sale Review

For my dress obsessed readers, this one will be fun to review.

My trip to New York this past week was stuffed to the brim with fixing work issues, working on communication between locations and problem solving. There was barely time to have any outside activities planned but we managed to squeeze in two happy hours, one yankees game (vs. the Red Socks, quite eventful), and a dinner in Little Italy. Somehow, I was able to sneak away at lunch on Friday, rode the 6 train down to 26th, to go to the Rent the Runway Sample Sale. 

This is officially my second Sample Sale that I've been to in New York. My first one was an Alice and Olivia Sample Sale back in December. It was a great experience and so I thought I would try again. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bellevue Fashion Week 2016: Front Row Fashion Presented by Vogue

A Night Out. Free Bubbles. Fabulous Outfits. Models. Photographers. Fashion Bloggers. Fundraiser. 

For the past 5 years, I've been living in the rainy city of Seattle. Every year, the Bellevue Collection has sponsored a fashion week and every year I've had my heart crushed by not being able to attend. This year, I literally stalked their Facebook event page waiting for the day they would open up their ticket vendor to allow us fashion obsessed individuals to purchase a seat around the their shining lit up stage of pieces presented by Vogue. Yes, oh yes, my loves - you read that right. VOGUE.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Very Long Hiatus

It's true, tis I, the one and only. My dear friends, my sincerest apologies for my absence. Here's the deal, I lost creativity. I lost my light and my outlet and chose to stick to my gut and step aside for a bit and work on another passion of mine: Cooking.

As someone who is around food, works for a company that builds a clientele off of food and, well, in general loves food; My gut was to give it a go. So I did. I started another blog that's built off of food and fitness so that I can can focus this blog on being about fashion, lifestyle and creativity.

In a way, this is quite normal for me. I'm a gemini. I've always battled with myself over my creative outlets and professionalism my entire life. Alas, my brain has been churning and it's got some really awesome plans for the future of this blog.

Coming up this week I've got some topics that are near and dear and things that would be greatly impacted by any commentary from my readers. Please stay tuned for those.

Many of you maybe wondering where I've gone and what I've been up to. You can always keep in touch by my instagram. It's also a creative outlet for me. The duel of Facebook and instagram is a no brainer for me. (Insta all the way)

They posts will definitely be focusing on fashion, accessories and incorporating them into my everyday lifestyle. Let me know if there is anything you'd love to learn!

Kiss Kiss, mes amies!

It's good to be back.

P.S. If you're interested in my other blog, drop on by the The Salad Trip. <3