Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Alice and Olivia Sample Sale Review

Written: From my Bedroom while drinking Camomile Tea

Gems! I've seen the light! I've finally found the one thing in the whole world that might be a complete and total game changer on my pros and cons list for ever moving to New York.


They are not an Urban Myth! How do I know?
I got up early on my last day in NYC to hop on a 6, from the East Village, to meet my dear friend at a Sample Sale on 5th Ave. Apparently these are events held often. Sometimes you will need an invite and other times it's a free for all.

I got there about 10 minutes late. The doors had opened AND on the last day... Which makes me believe that the first day was a complete and utter cluster, if you know what I mean.

When I arrived I had to check my bag in at the door. They gave me a number to hold on to while I walked around. There were about three bouncers doing coat check so I felt pretty safe about my stuff being held on to. I also kept my phone and my wallet, for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately with all of the commotion! And catching up with my lovely gal pal, as she taught the ways to the ultimate designer budget shopping, I didn't snap any pictures inside! No joke, I deeply regret. I will do my best to explain.

Instantly I could sense that this was not the first Sample Sale held at this location. Everything was set up so nicely and price points were laid out everywhere on chalk boards. All clothing was nicely hung up and were grouped by sizes and items, sample sizes to a 12, I believe. Like, literally 0 (xxs) to 12s and then blouses, dressed, skirt, pants and gowns.

Y'all, these prices were insane for what I was looking at. The prices were slashed to $29.99 to ... $520, I think. I saw a $1,600 gown for $450. I saw a $450 dress for $111.00. I felt a sheer panic run through me as if I hadn't prepared for this moment my entire life.

I saw this Cohen Military Coat for $200 bucks. Originally $550.00.

Naturally I grabbed everything in my size that was going to be wearable. By this I mean, something I could wear to work or to a cocktail event for JLS. However what I was not prepared for was the dressing quarters. Folks, this was crazy. There were about 15 women in a small area trying on clothes in front of people and it was a mad house. Women checking out the other's dresses and no filter asking for it when they were done trying it on. I had a woman see me in an adorable mod dress that I was considering but the zipper was missing in the back (definitely a sample item). She practically took it off me. Waited and waited for me to take it off. I'm much too nice of a person. All well, it just wasn't meant to be.

In the end I was going to walk out with about 5 items until I narrowed it down to 1. Yes, one beautiful while drape top that's fussy on the inside and that I will probably need to dry clean but it's okay.

I bought this Air by Alice & Olivia Top but in White. The Sample Sale Price was $35.00 and the Original Price was $165.00.

I'm happy with my one purchase. All in all, I survived my first sample sale without going crazy and I stayed within my financial means. I'm rather proud of myself!

Next time, New York, I'll be prepared for you!

Kiss, Kiss!

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