Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holly Jolly Reds

Chanel: Rouge Allure - 99 Pirate, Dior: Diorific Mat - Holiday 2015 Limited Edition - 750 Fabuleuse, Ciate London: Olivia Palermo Satin Kiss Lipstick Limited Edition - Velveteen, L’Oreal: Color Riche Collection Exclusive Reds - Blake’s Red, Too Faced: La Creme - Jelly Bean
I don't wear enough lipstick. I'm sure men would beg to differ. I heard that men don't necessarily like it when women wear lipstick because they have a fear of it getting on them. I think it's absurd but than again, I'm a single lady.

One of my greater joys during the holiday season is the amount of red lip colors that come out. My past post on 5 Fall Lip Shades is a dead give away on my obsession with lipstick and the number 5. Even though I rarely buy a tube of lipstick over $5 (ah hem), I can't help but dream about each one of these! I'm dying to try out that Olivia Palermo Velveteen. It's such a luscious red. I can see that being one of her personal go to colors. I'm definitely going to try and it out at Sephora.

Did you notice the gold trend?!

These designers are after my heart and my money. I love a good gold accessory. Tell me why I wouldn't love a gold tube of lipstick? The Too Faced packaging is on point for the holiday season. Have you seen their holiday gift set this year? Anyway, This beautiful bell gold and the name, Jelly Bean, is too lovely not to adore. It makes me happy and gives me a sweet tooth thinking about it. It's a red that will make your teeth look whiter and I like the thin tube design because it can fit in any "on the go" make up bag or purse pocket.

The Dior seems to be a statement piece and I feel as if it's meant to live on top of your dresser.

What's you're favorite red for December?

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