Sunday, October 4, 2015

Osman Spring 16' Line Favorites

I was browsing through some of London's fashion week photos and stumbled onto Osman's Spring Line and fell in love with the retro colors and vibes that are all through out it. I thought I would post some of my favorites from the collection for future inspirations. I love how the collections starts in black and white, then adds red and then just jumps into pastels and right back to black, red and white.

Osman, Osman Spring/Summer 2016, Osman Ready to Wear, Osman Red dress hat and boots, red dress, red hat, red bootsOsman, Osman Spring 2016, Osman Ready to Wear, Osman white and black, bow tie, long black skirt
Osman, Osman long tan skirt, white top, long tan skirt

You know I love those go-go boots that are in the same print as the dress on the right of it. Such beautiful structures. I love how many different eras merge into one. Thoughts?

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