Sunday, September 13, 2015

Travel Series: London Day 1 of Europe 2015

London, London England, England, Big Ben, Queen's Tower, Clouds, Sunshine, London Sun, Beautiful Day London

I am so excited to share with your my European travels. These post are essentially my travel journals over the 11 days trip my Mom and I took throughout the UK and Italy. It was such an incredible trip.

I'd like to start by saying that I saved up for this trip by myself. It took me almost a full two years to do but I made a budget, stuck with it, set the date, bought the excursion and loved every.single.second of It's do-able, friends.

Getting to Heathrow from Seatac was a 9.5 hour flight. I didn't sleep a wink, even with my trust vinyasa scarf from lulumelon. I turned that scarf into a hoodie and covered my shoulders -  still now luck but I did my best! By the time we got to London and finally through customs, Mom and I found the tube and we were on our way!

Heathrow Airport, Tube Station, Heathrow Tube Station
After a 9.5 Hour Flight, No Make-up, Exhausted but we made it to Heathrow Airport's Tube Station. 
Gloucester Road, Tube Station, Circle Line, Circle Line Sign, Gloucester Road Tube Station, Notting Hill Gate, Platform 2
Pit stop, Train Stop to the Circle Line!
 We had to make two transfers and we only got mixed up once! Which is very impressive since we don't have a tube system in Seattle. We ended up stopping at Glouester Road's Station quite a bit through out our trip. I love how easy the tube is to use and also how clean it is.

We took a photo of almost every sign/map around to prevent us from getting lost but after the second day, we were practically locals! Okay, maybe not locals but we knew our way around well enough to get to and from without getting majorly lost.

London, London Weather Forecast, Sunshine, Slight Cloudy, 22C
London's Forecast for the Week
This is probably a weird picture but I was excited to see that the rest of the week was going to be nothing but sunshine with light clouds. It was like a dream come true. I felt like I needed to document everything and this was definitely the highlight of the first day.

Day 2 was getting to know the area and I'll make sure to post all the photos I can from the adventures we had that day!

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