Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Fall 2015 Lipsticks Shades You Need

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Yves Saint Laurent: Rue Pur Couture  - 54 Prune Avenue // Lorac: "Alter Ego" - Pin Up // Chanel: Rouge Allure Velvet  - La Bouleversante // Beauty without Cruelty - Ripe Cherry // Jouer: Hydrating Lipstick - Simone
You'll come to find that I love reading fashion articles (okay... really any article). This post idea came from an article I read on Summer Llipsticks and I thought it would be fun to show 5 lipsticks that I'm looking forward to for Fall!

Recently I was at Nordstrom, which is kind of a shock since I do all of my beauty shopping on, but as I was walking I saw this incredible display. I swear all of the Fall displays are making go crazy. Nothing thinking with my mind and thinking with my wallet cause seriously, I was struggling to not pick up everything. I saw this gorgeous color that I felt like I just needed to have by Yves Saint Laurent but I restrained! - I know, so shocking. I'm quite proud.

I've done something I never thought about before and that was adding it to my Wishlist on, instead. That's right, I was still in the store and I hopped on my phone and added it to my wish list. I've decided to keep it there for 2 weeks and if I'm still obsessed with it, I'll make the purchase.

I don't own a lot of dark colored lipsticks. I'm such a red gal - which is awesome because Red Lips are all the hype this Fall (e.g. Vogue's The Top 9 Beauty Trends of the Fall 2015 Shows).

What type of lip are you looking for this Fall?

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