Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Save or Splurge: Kendall Jenner Airport Style

Kendall Jenner, Black Baseball Hat, Moto Jeans, Black tee shirt, aviators, Nordstrom, Kendall Jenner airport

Cannot explain it but I have a sudden admiration to Miss Kendall Jenner's easy chic everyday wear. She appears effortless with her baseball hats, sunglasses and standard black tee shirt. I appreciate that she tends to pair a lot of her casual with a simple heel and even though we all knows she's wearing a lot of money on her, we can micmic her style for a fraction of the cost. 

I stuck to the basics on this outfit and I was able to find almost everything at Nordstrom, except for the jeans. I was a bit surprised but I think her casual moto jeans are maybe a bit too modern edgy for Nordstrom's clientele. Regardless, I had a lot of fun picking these pieces out and plan to find a similar outfit myself. I think this is terrific for a short flight to LA or even just a shopping trip in downtown Seattle. 
Kendall Jenner, save or splurge, black tee shirt, black baseball hat, black pumps, black heels, distressed jeans, moto jeans, manolo blahnik, Vigoss distressed jeans, express moto jeans, acne black tee shirt, Phase 3 baseball hat, Michael Kors heels, jeans
Save: Phase 3: Melton Wool Baseball Hat // Topshop: Roll Sleeve Crewneck Tee // Vigoss: Destroyed Skinny Jeans (Dark Wash) // MICHAEL Michael Kors: 'Flex' Pump // Splurge: Gents: Leather Baseball Hat // Acne Studios: 'Bliss' Cotton Crewneck // Lalaland2: Brooklyn Moto Super Skinny Jeans // Manolo Blanhnik: 'BB' Pointy Toe Pump
What's terrific about this outfit is your accessories can really be any color because you're using such a base color, black. To keep it minimal, I'd go with an over the arm bucket bag or even a small clutch that holds your phone (e.g. This Tory Burch 'Large All T' Leather Wristlet). Sunglasses are always a must and you can pick up a $7.00 pair at Forever21 or your can splurge on a pair of Raybans.

I watched a youtube video Rachel Zoe's channel that stated "Sunglasses are the ultimate 'Do Not Disturb' sign" and I'm obsessed with it.  It's very true when you're either at the airport or even just walking around downtown. The video is The Extra 5 with Rachel Zoe: How to fly in Style. I recommend it.

So what do you think? A healthy mix of both or are you a Saver or a Splurger?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Travel Series: London Day 1 of Europe 2015

London, London England, England, Big Ben, Queen's Tower, Clouds, Sunshine, London Sun, Beautiful Day London

I am so excited to share with your my European travels. These post are essentially my travel journals over the 11 days trip my Mom and I took throughout the UK and Italy. It was such an incredible trip.

I'd like to start by saying that I saved up for this trip by myself. It took me almost a full two years to do but I made a budget, stuck with it, set the date, bought the excursion and loved every.single.second of It's do-able, friends.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ellie Goulding LIVE at Bumbershoot 2015

Ellie Goulding Live, Bumbershoot 2015, Ellie Goulding Bumbershoot, Moschino Jersey
Video Below
When I first got to Bumbershoot I thought "Okkkay... you might be too old for this, Alli". I felt like I was totally out of my element. As a person who thoroughly believes in doing what makes you happy, wearing what makes you happy and what predicts your personality -- there were a lot of unwise fashion choices happening.

What was spot on, however was how terrific some of the artists were. I was SO stoked to find out that, yes, Hozier is as amazing live as his album. I mean, the harmonization and folk vibes were incredibly mesmerizing. I'm glad I was able to witness it in person.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Fall 2015 Lipsticks Shades You Need

Jouer, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Lorac, Fall, Lipstick,Fall Lipstick, Lip Shade, Fall Lip Shade, Jouer Fall Lipstick, Chanel Fall Lipstick, Chanel Fall 2015 Lipstick
Yves Saint Laurent: Rue Pur Couture  - 54 Prune Avenue // Lorac: "Alter Ego" - Pin Up // Chanel: Rouge Allure Velvet  - La Bouleversante // Beauty without Cruelty - Ripe Cherry // Jouer: Hydrating Lipstick - Simone
You'll come to find that I love reading fashion articles (okay... really any article). This post idea came from an article I read on Summer Llipsticks and I thought it would be fun to show 5 lipsticks that I'm looking forward to for Fall!

Recently I was at Nordstrom, which is kind of a shock since I do all of my beauty shopping on, but as I was walking I saw this incredible display. I swear all of the Fall displays are making go crazy. Nothing thinking with my mind and thinking with my wallet cause seriously, I was struggling to not pick up everything. I saw this gorgeous color that I felt like I just needed to have by Yves Saint Laurent but I restrained! - I know, so shocking. I'm quite proud.

I've done something I never thought about before and that was adding it to my Wishlist on, instead. That's right, I was still in the store and I hopped on my phone and added it to my wish list. I've decided to keep it there for 2 weeks and if I'm still obsessed with it, I'll make the purchase.

I don't own a lot of dark colored lipsticks. I'm such a red gal - which is awesome because Red Lips are all the hype this Fall (e.g. Vogue's The Top 9 Beauty Trends of the Fall 2015 Shows).

What type of lip are you looking for this Fall?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Catching up over Chicken & Avocado Salad

Hello, Friends! 

Apologies for the absence. It has been such a crazy month! I have so much to tell you about my Mother Daughter Trip to London & Rome, my crazy week trying to adjust back to my normal schedule... Man! I'll try to never go a month without writing again. 

I'd like to start with this amazing recipe I found yesterday on Kalyn's Kitchen. I often start paleo and then eventually ease back into my normal food routine. I feel as if Paleo helps cleanse me and keep me on a protein based diet, especially when I start lifting again. So it has begun: September's Paleo Challenge. 

As always, I keep on the path of an 80/20 diet for the week cause everyone needs a day when they can eat sorbet or fruit snack, guys. 

This recipe for Chicken and Avocado Salad with Lime and Cilantro is so perfectly fresh! Honestly, it's a terrific way to start and end summer. 

I didn't shred the chicken, I cut it up in chunks instead and I think it might have been better to have shred it just for distribution sake. I also wish that there was another color in the mix but it's still delicious. It's full of vitamins from the avocado and protein from the chicken. It'd make a great appetizer or a full lunch. I highly recommend trying it out. 

Thanks, Kalyn for this great recipe