Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Rompers 2015

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Anthropologie: Level 99 Chambray Romper // Nordstrom: Joie 'Kaylure' Print Silk Romper // Banana Republic: Printed Faux Wrap Romper // Jcrew: Drapey V-Neck Romper // H&M: Sleeveless Jumpsuit
I was so skeptical of the romper when it came back. I super judged. I couldn't help it. I thought "I had those when I was 8! Why in the world would I want to wear those as an adult? I'd look ridiculous."

Nope. Nope, that was all wrong.

First off, everything you wore when you were 8 was hella comfortable. Well, except for those pink sparkly jellies. Though they were your favorite, you remember the blisters after a long day at the playground. That's it though! At the play ground, on the monkey bars and the tire swing. Rompers are essentially a play outfit. The perfect play outfit, as an adult, for moments where you just want to lounge on the sofa or you need to run out and meet the girls for drinks on a patio or (why not?) a sailing date!

I don't know why I waited until June to buy one.

Above is a collection of some of my favorite summer rompers that are in the store right now. Tell me what you think and which is your fave! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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