Monday, July 6, 2015

New Closet

Dresses in the closet
This has been a month of adventures and it's only day 6 of it.

I've moved from my lovely little cottage apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood within the city to an adorably large condo in the heart of hipster-ville, on the other side of the city. It's a very big change for me but so far I love it. I'm constantly exploring and walking. I love how many coffee shops I'm surrounded by and how nice people are. It's a change that I didn't know I would enjoy this much.

With the change came a roommate! My roommate, R, and I are working well. It's terrified that we're both fairly adaptable adults and we know how to co-exists and be respectful of one another. We've both had to make some sacrifices and one of mine was going from three large closets to one.

That's right... ONE.

It has not been easy but I'm coping. Luckily we have a spare room and a lot of our miscellaneous get to go in there. However, I've been going through my stuff, reevaluating and getting rid of as much as I possibly can. With that said, I've decided to open a small shop on instagram so if you see anything you like, feel free to reach out about it. It's a work in progress but I'll update here shortly.

My favorite part of moving is unpacking. It takes me forever and since I have a roommate, this time it's a bit different and I'm trying to be respectful of that. I've been working on getting everything out of the way as soon and as fast as possible. So far, my room has been set up pretty quickly but I'm in search of a new jewelry box and possibly a shoe rack. I really don't know how I've accumulated so many. I can't possibly wear them all, right?

That's all for the update today, loves.


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