Sunday, July 19, 2015

Free Physician's Formula Bronzer

Physician's Formula Argan Wear Bronzer Case

That's right! No joke.

I've uncovered a bit of a secret, my friends. Physician's Formula has rebates! I'm sure many of you know this already but while I was hunting through my Ibotta app, an app that helps you get money back on certain purchases, I noticed that they too had a rebate for Physician's Formula.

Clearly this is a means for adventure. I needed to know if my plan would work! I drove out to Target, where I could redeem my Ibotta purchase and purchased the Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Bronzer. It was $13.27, which is just a tiny bit more than what it is on Target's website. I didn't know if I could get the credit for the purchase online so I just bought it in store.

I got home, scanned my receipt and got my $5.00 back with in minutes! I then printed out my rebate form, filled it out, and it's already set to go out in tomorrow's mail.

Physician's Formula Argan Wear Bronzer Packaging

Then I sat down and recorded my very first video! A "vlog", if you will. I'm quite proud to be honest. I'm dreadfully shy of making a total idiot of myself but then I realized, everyone else is an idiot too. We're all prone to it since we're all the same-- human.

So, please be kind. I clearly need to work on my "um's" and "uhhhh's". My 6th grade teacher would be so greatly disappointed but it's a new dawn and I've something to work on!

I'll have a video review out soon! Now, go out and get your free bronzer!

OH! Before I forget, consider joining my Ibotta team, here. It becomes somewhat of a game after awhile but as you accumulate your rebates we get additional bonuses if we work together as a team. Level 1's goal is $15 as a team. I'm over half way there already because of today's purchase but you get an additional $1 back! Then Level 2 begins of course.

Below is my referral link and code as well as the Rebate I used for my bronzer. I'll add a link to the Physician's Formula Rebate page as well.

Referral Link
Referral Code: eexcytd
Argan Wear Bronzer Rebate Link
Physician's Formula Rebate Page

Happy Savings!

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