Friday, June 12, 2015

Lettuce Wrap Taco Boats

This week has been non-stop and yesterday I finally called it. I came home, opened up a bottle of coconut water and started cooking. Sometimes all I need to do is stop and make a meal to slow down. I love walking around the kitchen and dancing to music. Then sitting down to a nice warm home cooked dinner at my table and got caught up on some of my favorite youtubers, including the tiu girls

It's just something that make me feel so happy.

I'm a fairly healthy person, as you may have noticed from past recipes and meals on my phone. I love salads and any variation of salads but these Lettuce Taco Boats were totally awesome, easy to put together and you don't need to use a fork to eat it!

Items needed:

Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Romaine Lettuce Head (3 leaves is enough to feed one person easily)
Roma Tomato
Flax Seeds
Homemade Dairy-Free Chili Ranch Dressing

Optional: Baby Carrots as a side!

Super easy, friends! Cook ground beef on your stove top with whatever seasonings you like. I love chili powder, Italian seasoning, pepper and just a little bit of red pepper flakes. Once cooked to your beef liking (medium well, anyone?), set up your 3 leaves on your plate and add some of your beef on top. While the beef was cooking, I chopped up some extra lettuce and my very ripe tomato. After adding the beef to my "boats" I topped them with the little bit of extra lettuce, tomato, flax seeds and dressing. Add some carrots and you're got a fine looking meal!

It's nice to slow down every so often, right?


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