Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another Injury = Abs Challenge

I'll sum this up for you. Volleyball + Spike = Sprained Ankle

This is my second season in a soft core c-ed volleyball team. I'm not very good but I remembered loving it when I was in middle school and it turns out I still really love the game. However, I've always had weak ankles and I've had bad sprains a few times through out my childhood.

I thought I was invincible considering the amount of lifting I've been doing and toning but it turns out, We're not invincible! Haha. Especially in an older age!

As you can remember I wrote about doing a Booty Challenge last week because of my neck injury. Well, my neck is back to normal! I can actually look left now but my ankle is in BAD shape. I was concerned I actually broke it but after icing it for a whole day and finally being able to put pressure on it by day two, I chalked it up to be really nasty sprain.

I'm not very good at being injured. You really don't realize how rough it can be not using your right foot! I totally forgot I drove with my right foot until I got in the car yesterday. I panicked thinking I wasn't going to be able to get to the Boys and Girls club on time for our Field Day event. Though, because I'm playing this injury safe, I'm healing a lot faster than I thought. Either that, or I'm extremely stubborn. It's probably the latter...

In short, I had to stop the Booty Challenge. As we've discussed, I have a nice little streak of stubbornness imbedded into my DNA. I miss working out. I've been so motivated lately and I can't do anything which is incredibly frustrating.

Since I can't do the Booty Challenge, I instead found 30 day fitness challenge has a 30 Day Crunch Challenge! No where near my ankle! Hallelujah.

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