Friday, March 27, 2015

5 Favorite Duchess of Cambridge's Shoes

Duchess of Cambrisge shoes
Starting Left: Stuart Weitzman- Corkswoon // L.K. Bennett- Zella // L.K. Bennett- Sledge // Dune London- Pied a Terre Imperia Navy // Stuart Weitzman- Minx Wedge
We all know her, we all adore her. We're all obsessed with her shoes! That's right, my name is Allison and I am obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge's shoe closet. 

I don't actually know how this realize came to to be. I think it started with her Royal World Tour right after her and William got married. I noticed her gorgeous Sledge pumps and I thought to myself "Good grief! She's worn those pumps at least 6 times and she's been standing in those for hours meeting people and walking around... My God, those MUST be the world's most comfortable shoes!". I'd say the rest of history. 

Right now I'm addicted to L.K. Bennett. I don't know if you can truly be this bewitched by a brand without owning something from them but you know what? It's going to happen one day and I will be the happiest non-royal fashionista on the block. 

Let's take a look at some of Kate's best moments in these shoes, shall we?

Duchess of Cambridge Pied a Terra Imperia Natural
Pied a Terra Imperia- Natural
Duchess of Cambridge Stuart Weitzman corkswoon wedges
Stuart Weitzman- Corkswoom
Duchess of Cambridge L.K. Bennett Sledge Pumps
There they ARE! L.K. Bennett's Sledge Pumps! <3
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with L.K. Bennett shoes
Okay, one more of the Sledge since it started this whole post. 

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