Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vintage French Cafe Menu Chalkboard

The secret to getting a quick French Menu is that there isn't one. Unless you already have a photograph of one from a previous trip. I don't, so, with the help of Google (and some pretty intermediate French skills) it took me at the least 2 hours before...
I could actually find an image of a sign that was:
  1. Actually from France
  2. An image with prices in euros
  3. A site with different types of correctly worded french drinks
  4. A few different types of pastries that could be sold in a french cafe
  5. A chalkboard design that fits with my kitchen
Honestly, it was worth all of the research. I love that it's not perfect and it's just written out as if it could actually be in shop somewhere. Conveniently I have ridiculously loopy handwriting. Probably from the many years I spent copying my mom's letters and grocery lists.

What you need:

  • A Chalkboard
  • Chalk
  • Loopy Handwriting
It's that simple and fun. Come sit down at my little cafe and watch the cars go by and the people out on their evening walks!

Enjoy your day, mes amies! 

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