Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Thing about 2015

Kensington Palace, 2015 Reflection, Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf, Palace, Tourist, London

I'm going to be very frank about 2015, there were a lot of ups and downs but there was an extreme amount of lows compared to highs. It kind of sucked.

2015 was not my favorite year. In fact, besides the obvious trips, I have a hard time liking anything about this year. I would say the lowest of the lowest happened and I'm the most excited for a New Year than I ever have been in my life.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Simple Wrap

Gifts, Christmas, Christmas Gifts, Presents, Christmas Presents, Craft wrapping, Wrapping paper, christmas wrapping paper

Written: While watching Broadchurch S2E1

This has been one of the hardest Christmas Shopping experiences I've ever had. If not, ever!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thriftmas Sweaters & Leathers

Written from: The Dinning Room table with Lady Grey Tea

It's that time of year where I've walked into my closet every morning this week and not had an ounce of inspiration.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Oh Thriftmas Tree

A very exciting trip to the thrift store yesterday. I'm very excited about my finds and more so the level of creativity I received from it. I was every where in that store. I probably could have stayed all night had their leather jackets been less picked over.

Alas, I gave myself a time limit and a budget and genuinely stuck to it! #NailedIt

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holly Jolly Reds

Chanel: Rouge Allure - 99 Pirate, Dior: Diorific Mat - Holiday 2015 Limited Edition - 750 Fabuleuse, Ciate London: Olivia Palermo Satin Kiss Lipstick Limited Edition - Velveteen, L’Oreal: Color Riche Collection Exclusive Reds - Blake’s Red, Too Faced: La Creme - Jelly Bean
I don't wear enough lipstick. I'm sure men would beg to differ. I heard that men don't necessarily like it when women wear lipstick because they have a fear of it getting on them. I think it's absurd but than again, I'm a single lady.

One of my greater joys during the holiday season is the amount of red lip colors that come out. My past post on 5 Fall Lip Shades is a dead give away on my obsession with lipstick and the number 5. Even though I rarely buy a tube of lipstick over $5 (ah hem), I can't help but dream about each one of these! I'm dying to try out that Olivia Palermo Velveteen. It's such a luscious red. I can see that being one of her personal go to colors. I'm definitely going to try and it out at Sephora.

Did you notice the gold trend?!

These designers are after my heart and my money. I love a good gold accessory. Tell me why I wouldn't love a gold tube of lipstick? The Too Faced packaging is on point for the holiday season. Have you seen their holiday gift set this year? Anyway, This beautiful bell gold and the name, Jelly Bean, is too lovely not to adore. It makes me happy and gives me a sweet tooth thinking about it. It's a red that will make your teeth look whiter and I like the thin tube design because it can fit in any "on the go" make up bag or purse pocket.

The Dior seems to be a statement piece and I feel as if it's meant to live on top of your dresser.

What's you're favorite red for December?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Winter Lull

Getting back in to shape, running, outside, seattle, washington, fall, leaves, cars, sidewalk, run, get in shape, work of it, fence

I can't believe how fast December is going by. It's almost stressful to think about Christmas being around the corner. This winter I was not prepared for the stress it was going to cause on my body and due to that, I've slaked off in the one area I generally pride on: Myself.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Alice and Olivia Sample Sale Review

Written: From my Bedroom while drinking Camomile Tea

Gems! I've seen the light! I've finally found the one thing in the whole world that might be a complete and total game changer on my pros and cons list for ever moving to New York.


They are not an Urban Myth! How do I know?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's the Holiday Season in New York

Written from: An East Village Airbnb off of 3rd, New York City

This week has been exceptional. It's been so enlightening. Even though I'm exhausted from meeting new people, working and learning, I've been cultured by the graces of Manhattan. I've been able to act like a tourist and yet I've also been able to experience the city as a local. Especially by staying at this airbnb my last few nights.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Stitch Fix Unboxing #3

Stitch Fix, Styling, Unboxing, Fall 2015, October 2015, Stitch Fix stylist

Hi Friends!

I'm really excited to write this review because, even though I didn't end up keeping anything (spoilers!), I had a terrific experience.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pumpkin Patches 2015 - Spooner Farms, WA

Spooner Farms, Pumpkin, Pumpkin patch, wheel barrel, pumpkin wheel barrel


Let’s get real. They’re a favorite, right? This weekend I was supposed to go apple picking but this crazy state’s harvest was up and every single place I checked online had transitioned into their Fall Festival season. For those of you city folk, that’s really just a fancy term for “Apple picking is done, Summer is gone, Let’s welcome Fall with a pumpkin patch”. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Osman Spring 16' Line Favorites

I was browsing through some of London's fashion week photos and stumbled onto Osman's Spring Line and fell in love with the retro colors and vibes that are all through out it. I thought I would post some of my favorites from the collection for future inspirations. I love how the collections starts in black and white, then adds red and then just jumps into pastels and right back to black, red and white.

Osman, Osman Spring/Summer 2016, Osman Ready to Wear, Osman Red dress hat and boots, red dress, red hat, red bootsOsman, Osman Spring 2016, Osman Ready to Wear, Osman white and black, bow tie, long black skirt
Osman, Osman long tan skirt, white top, long tan skirt

You know I love those go-go boots that are in the same print as the dress on the right of it. Such beautiful structures. I love how many different eras merge into one. Thoughts?

Friday, October 2, 2015

5 Ways to Stop Ennui

Ennui, gilmore girls, michelle, today I am suffering from ennui, gilmore girls gif, ennui gif, fir

This week has been pretty tough. I definitely felt the changing of the season beginning and, with my job, the start of Q4. For those of you in an sales related field, you know what I'm referring to.

Monday was a full work day, Tuesday I got dog sick, Wednesday I didn't even wear make up to work and by Thursday I was much better and back to my laughing self. However, something still lingers. I don't know if it's the Summer Blues or maybe the fact that I feel like I skipped September all together. It just feels a little... ennui.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Save or Splurge: Kendall Jenner Airport Style

Kendall Jenner, Black Baseball Hat, Moto Jeans, Black tee shirt, aviators, Nordstrom, Kendall Jenner airport

Cannot explain it but I have a sudden admiration to Miss Kendall Jenner's easy chic everyday wear. She appears effortless with her baseball hats, sunglasses and standard black tee shirt. I appreciate that she tends to pair a lot of her casual with a simple heel and even though we all knows she's wearing a lot of money on her, we can micmic her style for a fraction of the cost. 

I stuck to the basics on this outfit and I was able to find almost everything at Nordstrom, except for the jeans. I was a bit surprised but I think her casual moto jeans are maybe a bit too modern edgy for Nordstrom's clientele. Regardless, I had a lot of fun picking these pieces out and plan to find a similar outfit myself. I think this is terrific for a short flight to LA or even just a shopping trip in downtown Seattle. 
Kendall Jenner, save or splurge, black tee shirt, black baseball hat, black pumps, black heels, distressed jeans, moto jeans, manolo blahnik, Vigoss distressed jeans, express moto jeans, acne black tee shirt, Phase 3 baseball hat, Michael Kors heels, jeans
Save: Phase 3: Melton Wool Baseball Hat // Topshop: Roll Sleeve Crewneck Tee // Vigoss: Destroyed Skinny Jeans (Dark Wash) // MICHAEL Michael Kors: 'Flex' Pump // Splurge: Gents: Leather Baseball Hat // Acne Studios: 'Bliss' Cotton Crewneck // Lalaland2: Brooklyn Moto Super Skinny Jeans // Manolo Blanhnik: 'BB' Pointy Toe Pump
What's terrific about this outfit is your accessories can really be any color because you're using such a base color, black. To keep it minimal, I'd go with an over the arm bucket bag or even a small clutch that holds your phone (e.g. This Tory Burch 'Large All T' Leather Wristlet). Sunglasses are always a must and you can pick up a $7.00 pair at Forever21 or your can splurge on a pair of Raybans.

I watched a youtube video Rachel Zoe's channel that stated "Sunglasses are the ultimate 'Do Not Disturb' sign" and I'm obsessed with it.  It's very true when you're either at the airport or even just walking around downtown. The video is The Extra 5 with Rachel Zoe: How to fly in Style. I recommend it.

So what do you think? A healthy mix of both or are you a Saver or a Splurger?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Travel Series: London Day 1 of Europe 2015

London, London England, England, Big Ben, Queen's Tower, Clouds, Sunshine, London Sun, Beautiful Day London

I am so excited to share with your my European travels. These post are essentially my travel journals over the 11 days trip my Mom and I took throughout the UK and Italy. It was such an incredible trip.

I'd like to start by saying that I saved up for this trip by myself. It took me almost a full two years to do but I made a budget, stuck with it, set the date, bought the excursion and loved every.single.second of It's do-able, friends.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ellie Goulding LIVE at Bumbershoot 2015

Ellie Goulding Live, Bumbershoot 2015, Ellie Goulding Bumbershoot, Moschino Jersey
Video Below
When I first got to Bumbershoot I thought "Okkkay... you might be too old for this, Alli". I felt like I was totally out of my element. As a person who thoroughly believes in doing what makes you happy, wearing what makes you happy and what predicts your personality -- there were a lot of unwise fashion choices happening.

What was spot on, however was how terrific some of the artists were. I was SO stoked to find out that, yes, Hozier is as amazing live as his album. I mean, the harmonization and folk vibes were incredibly mesmerizing. I'm glad I was able to witness it in person.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Fall 2015 Lipsticks Shades You Need

Jouer, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Lorac, Fall, Lipstick,Fall Lipstick, Lip Shade, Fall Lip Shade, Jouer Fall Lipstick, Chanel Fall Lipstick, Chanel Fall 2015 Lipstick
Yves Saint Laurent: Rue Pur Couture  - 54 Prune Avenue // Lorac: "Alter Ego" - Pin Up // Chanel: Rouge Allure Velvet  - La Bouleversante // Beauty without Cruelty - Ripe Cherry // Jouer: Hydrating Lipstick - Simone
You'll come to find that I love reading fashion articles (okay... really any article). This post idea came from an article I read on Summer Llipsticks and I thought it would be fun to show 5 lipsticks that I'm looking forward to for Fall!

Recently I was at Nordstrom, which is kind of a shock since I do all of my beauty shopping on, but as I was walking I saw this incredible display. I swear all of the Fall displays are making go crazy. Nothing thinking with my mind and thinking with my wallet cause seriously, I was struggling to not pick up everything. I saw this gorgeous color that I felt like I just needed to have by Yves Saint Laurent but I restrained! - I know, so shocking. I'm quite proud.

I've done something I never thought about before and that was adding it to my Wishlist on, instead. That's right, I was still in the store and I hopped on my phone and added it to my wish list. I've decided to keep it there for 2 weeks and if I'm still obsessed with it, I'll make the purchase.

I don't own a lot of dark colored lipsticks. I'm such a red gal - which is awesome because Red Lips are all the hype this Fall (e.g. Vogue's The Top 9 Beauty Trends of the Fall 2015 Shows).

What type of lip are you looking for this Fall?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Catching up over Chicken & Avocado Salad

Hello, Friends! 

Apologies for the absence. It has been such a crazy month! I have so much to tell you about my Mother Daughter Trip to London & Rome, my crazy week trying to adjust back to my normal schedule... Man! I'll try to never go a month without writing again. 

I'd like to start with this amazing recipe I found yesterday on Kalyn's Kitchen. I often start paleo and then eventually ease back into my normal food routine. I feel as if Paleo helps cleanse me and keep me on a protein based diet, especially when I start lifting again. So it has begun: September's Paleo Challenge. 

As always, I keep on the path of an 80/20 diet for the week cause everyone needs a day when they can eat sorbet or fruit snack, guys. 

This recipe for Chicken and Avocado Salad with Lime and Cilantro is so perfectly fresh! Honestly, it's a terrific way to start and end summer. 

I didn't shred the chicken, I cut it up in chunks instead and I think it might have been better to have shred it just for distribution sake. I also wish that there was another color in the mix but it's still delicious. It's full of vitamins from the avocado and protein from the chicken. It'd make a great appetizer or a full lunch. I highly recommend trying it out. 

Thanks, Kalyn for this great recipe

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Travel Bug: Getting Ready for London and Rome

Lululemon: Vinyasa Scarf // Anthropologie: Passport Holder (similar)  // British Sterling // Euros //  Cheap Sunglasses (Cause unlike other adults, I lose mine every summer) // Julep: Lipstick (Stepping out)  // Favorite Gold Amethyst Ring // Headphones // Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch (Similar and Similar)
Hello Hello!

That's right! I'm so incredibly close until my trip finally arrives. I can't believe it's been over 8 months of waiting, planning and saving. I don't even know where to start this post. Just thinking about going makes my heart leap. 

As some of you know, from my previous post, that I've had the great opportunity to be able to surprise my mom with a trip to Europe this summer. We've been planning since the end of November. We buckled down a few nights and we finally decided that we wanted to explore two cities for two very different reasons. 

London and Rome.

Monday, July 27, 2015

It's the Men these Days-- or is it Us?

How to Marry a Millionaire Diner

"I don't think it's us. It's the men these days. 
 They're all getting more nervous, especially the loaded ones."

As I sat down to watch one of my favorite oldies (but a goodie), How to Marry a Millionaire, I was thinking about how I'm not the kind of gal who goes hunting for a man. Never the less, a well-off one. In fact, I skipped out on Happy Hour early tonight excited to come home to my quiet 1 bedroom cottage apartment filled with houseplants and thrifted finds.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Rompers 2015

Summer Rompers 2015, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Jcrew, H&M, Rompers, Jumpsuits, Rompers 2015
Anthropologie: Level 99 Chambray Romper // Nordstrom: Joie 'Kaylure' Print Silk Romper // Banana Republic: Printed Faux Wrap Romper // Jcrew: Drapey V-Neck Romper // H&M: Sleeveless Jumpsuit
I was so skeptical of the romper when it came back. I super judged. I couldn't help it. I thought "I had those when I was 8! Why in the world would I want to wear those as an adult? I'd look ridiculous."

Nope. Nope, that was all wrong.

First off, everything you wore when you were 8 was hella comfortable. Well, except for those pink sparkly jellies. Though they were your favorite, you remember the blisters after a long day at the playground. That's it though! At the play ground, on the monkey bars and the tire swing. Rompers are essentially a play outfit. The perfect play outfit, as an adult, for moments where you just want to lounge on the sofa or you need to run out and meet the girls for drinks on a patio or (why not?) a sailing date!

I don't know why I waited until June to buy one.

Above is a collection of some of my favorite summer rompers that are in the store right now. Tell me what you think and which is your fave! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Free Physician's Formula Bronzer

Physician's Formula Argan Wear Bronzer Case

That's right! No joke.

I've uncovered a bit of a secret, my friends. Physician's Formula has rebates! I'm sure many of you know this already but while I was hunting through my Ibotta app, an app that helps you get money back on certain purchases, I noticed that they too had a rebate for Physician's Formula.

Clearly this is a means for adventure. I needed to know if my plan would work! I drove out to Target, where I could redeem my Ibotta purchase and purchased the Argan Wear™ Ultra-Nourishing Argan Bronzer. It was $13.27, which is just a tiny bit more than what it is on Target's website. I didn't know if I could get the credit for the purchase online so I just bought it in store.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

What I Wore: Banana Republic White Drawstring Soft Dress

Banana Republic: White Drawstring Soft Dress (Sold out in White but similar here and here) // Franco Santo: Light Brown Leather Wedges // Bangles: Gift from Grandmother (Similar) // Ring: Bellezza (Similar here and here)
So many boxes, guys! That's right, still unpacking but it's getting there. I've got so much more room to move around in. I think R and I have decided to keep the mirror in the family room for the time being so you'll probably see my wardrobe the most from there. We're trying to get all the boxes out so that we can try and get a possible bar area for girls nights.  We have a lot of gal pals that love getting together for pot lucks and local wines. 

Guys, I love this dress. I love this dress SO much that I wore it three times in two weeks. No joke... okay and I bought it in the black. I'm so insanely happy that I picked it but in the white before it was sold out online. You can still pick it up in the black though! It's perfect as a light "throw on and go" outfit.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ed Sheeran - Portland Moda Center/Rose Garden

I'm ashamed. I cannot believe I forgot to mention this in my Birthday Post! During the month of June, I went all out and pampered myself and I forgot to mention the best birthday present I got to give myself.


That's right! June 20th, 2015, lovelies, I was there. 12th row from the front. BEST CONCERT EVER.

Honestly, I don't know how I forgot. I got all kinds of excited while I was re-watching every video

Monday, July 13, 2015

Big City Girls Makes a Big Move

I'm actually really excited about this post. It's been a long time coming. I've mentioned in my past post that I've moved.

It was actually a really hard decision for me but when it was all broken down into numbers, pros and cons, not to mention loneliness (I know, surprising. That'll be another post), it just all made sense.

Alas, with good comes bad.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Favorite Skin Care Product of 2015

The is not a normal post for me. I tend to focus on food (okay, I live and breathe food), fashion and lifestyle/travel but today I want to talk about something else. 

Now that I’ve hit the three decade marker, I’ve decided one of the biggest elements that I want to focus on in my daily regimen is skin care. I’ve always been pretty good about washing my face— No, that’s not true. I specifically remember when I started taking care of my skin. I was in high school and  my Aunt asked me if I needed a wash cloth for my face while I was visiting her in DC. I told her I wasn’t going to wash my face and she said that that was the one thing I should be doing to take care of my acne and to prevent scarring. I remember life changing conversation like it was yesterday.

Monday, July 6, 2015

New Closet

Dresses in the closet
This has been a month of adventures and it's only day 6 of it.

I've moved from my lovely little cottage apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood within the city to an adorably large condo in the heart of hipster-ville, on the other side of the city. It's a very big change for me but so far I love it. I'm constantly exploring and walking. I love how many coffee shops I'm surrounded by and how nice people are. It's a change that I didn't know I would enjoy this much.

With the change came a roommate! My roommate, R, and I are working well. It's terrified that we're both fairly adaptable adults and we know how to co-exists and be respectful of one another. We've both had to make some sacrifices and one of mine was going from three large closets to one.

That's right... ONE.

It has not been easy but I'm coping. Luckily we have a spare room and a lot of our miscellaneous get to go in there. However, I've been going through my stuff, reevaluating and getting rid of as much as I possibly can. With that said, I've decided to open a small shop on instagram so if you see anything you like, feel free to reach out about it. It's a work in progress but I'll update here shortly.

My favorite part of moving is unpacking. It takes me forever and since I have a roommate, this time it's a bit different and I'm trying to be respectful of that. I've been working on getting everything out of the way as soon and as fast as possible. So far, my room has been set up pretty quickly but I'm in search of a new jewelry box and possibly a shoe rack. I really don't know how I've accumulated so many. I can't possibly wear them all, right?

That's all for the update today, loves.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Treat Yo Self - Birthday Girl

Loft - Romper // Pad Thai // Cupcake Royale - Vegan Cupcake (PC: Ellie Problems) // The Best of Me // Helvetia Vineyards // Gym // Perfect White Dress // Ponzi Winery - Rose // Essie - St. Lucia Lilac // Chateau Ste Michelle // List
How is it July 5th?!

I don’t know about you but I get awfully disappointed when my birthday month is over. It never seems like enough time to celebrate yourself.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lettuce Wrap Taco Boats

This week has been non-stop and yesterday I finally called it. I came home, opened up a bottle of coconut water and started cooking. Sometimes all I need to do is stop and make a meal to slow down. I love walking around the kitchen and dancing to music. Then sitting down to a nice warm home cooked dinner at my table and got caught up on some of my favorite youtubers, including the tiu girls

It's just something that make me feel so happy.

I'm a fairly healthy person, as you may have noticed from past recipes and meals on my phone. I love salads and any variation of salads but these Lettuce Taco Boats were totally awesome, easy to put together and you don't need to use a fork to eat it!

Items needed:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Caught up with the D*** Sprain

Thought I'd write to give you a full up date on the healing process of my sprain. There's a part of me that wishes I had actually broken it because it probably would have healed significantly faster  had it been put in a cast. Instead, because I destroyed all of the soft tissue around my ankle bone it's still puffy.

The sprain was so bad that my ankle turned black at the bottom of my foot and blend down to the other side of my ankle.

I literally had my first run last week and it was tough. I didn't push myself. I barely ran a quarter of a mile but holy geez it felt so good. I'm one of those people that believes exercising can be like a drug. Once I get back on the horse, I want to keep on going.

This picture was taken awhile ago but you can see how it was during the healing process. 

I can't even tell you how great it feels to be back out and sweating my ass off every spare moment I have. 

Now you're all caught up on the ankle! This "caught up" business should be it's own series! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Caught up with Travels

All right! Round two of getting caught up but this time it's not the food photos on my phone, it's a photo of the trips I've taken!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Caught Up with Food

It's been awhile. My work has taken over my life! 

Not in a bad way, don't you worry. It's just been a long and exhausting few months and it's been really hard to keep up with my normal regimen. It's calmed down a bit. 

Enough for me to write a post on all of the food pictures I have on my iPhone! Bahaha. I know, but you know what? I really love taking pictures of food I end up making. Good or semi-good. Nothing is ever bad. If it were, I'd take a picture and tell you about it and what not to do. 

Image above is actually tonights dinner!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stitch Fix Unboxing #1 (...#2)

Stitch Fix! This is actually my second time "unveiling a box", as other Stitch Fixer's call it. Let me brief you real quick. Stitch Fix is a styling company that hand picks select clothing items based on your "Style Profile". You can receive as many boxes as you want by scheduling "a fix" or make them automatic monthly "fixes". Each box cost $20 to style. If you end up liking an item in that box and want to keep it, you get $20 off that purchase. You can buy as many items as you like. If you buy everything in the box you get the $20 off + 20% off your whole purchase.

Naturally I was fascinated. As mentioned before, this is my second box and I'm an actual buyer. I am not being sent these boxes to try them out for free. This is my own personal review. The first box I received I was very disappointed but I ended up getting a pair of distressed jeans that I'm absolutely in love with. Oddly enough, I asked for Boyfriend Jeans and as you cans see (I actually wore them in the picture below) they are not Boyfriend Jeans. I really can't complain, I wear them all the time. Still looking for a pair though...

Since my first box wasn't all too greatly exciting I figured I would wait it out and then give it another chance after a few long months. Last month I decided it was time and scheduled a fix for this past weekend. Good thing because this week I sprained my ankle and I couldn't walk anywhere. (Note the ridiculous wrap on my right foot.)

I wrote to my Stylist asking for nice, soft, romantic boho items. I asked for wide leg pants, a cute sophisticated romper and a new white dress. As you can read above, they didn't have the last two in stock and I'm assuming she went off of my Easy Breezy Pinterest board based on her decisions. It's very interesting to see the items that get picked out for me based on my pinterest boards!

Okay, the "unboxing":

Monday, April 13, 2015

5 Money Saving Secrets from a Fashionista

As a single working girl in the glorious Emerald City, i.e. Seattle, I know what it's like to try and keep your hard earned money in your own pocket.

I do these Money Saving Secrets when I'm trying to save extra spending money before I go on a trip. These tips keep me on a strict budget myself the month before I do. They've been incredibly effective. I've been as bold to do "no spend months" where I'm try to challenge myself to stay within a $100 a week so I can pocket the rest. Not always a success because surprises do arise every so often but it's really fun to use your imagination and find ways not to spend money.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another Injury = Abs Challenge

I'll sum this up for you. Volleyball + Spike = Sprained Ankle

This is my second season in a soft core c-ed volleyball team. I'm not very good but I remembered loving it when I was in middle school and it turns out I still really love the game. However, I've always had weak ankles and I've had bad sprains a few times through out my childhood.

I thought I was invincible considering the amount of lifting I've been doing and toning but it turns out, We're not invincible! Haha. Especially in an older age!

As you can remember I wrote about doing a Booty Challenge last week because of my neck injury. Well, my neck is back to normal! I can actually look left now but my ankle is in BAD shape. I was concerned I actually broke it but after icing it for a whole day and finally being able to put pressure on it by day two, I chalked it up to be really nasty sprain.

I'm not very good at being injured. You really don't realize how rough it can be not using your right foot! I totally forgot I drove with my right foot until I got in the car yesterday. I panicked thinking I wasn't going to be able to get to the Boys and Girls club on time for our Field Day event. Though, because I'm playing this injury safe, I'm healing a lot faster than I thought. Either that, or I'm extremely stubborn. It's probably the latter...

In short, I had to stop the Booty Challenge. As we've discussed, I have a nice little streak of stubbornness imbedded into my DNA. I miss working out. I've been so motivated lately and I can't do anything which is incredibly frustrating.

Since I can't do the Booty Challenge, I instead found 30 day fitness challenge has a 30 Day Crunch Challenge! No where near my ankle! Hallelujah.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jaw Dropping Tavel Bags: Kate Spade Spring 2015

Kate Spade Travel Bags Spring 2015

All I want... is this luggage. 

This gorgeous, sticker shocking (like, my heart literally dropped to my feet), travel bag set. 

Just look at it! Have you ever seen Confessions of a Shopaholic when Rebecca says "this scarf will make my hair cut look more expensive"? This bag, will make me look more expensive. 

Imagine just coming off the plane in London with this chic set with your sunglasses on just ready to experience life! Ugh. 

A few things I've come to notice though. It thoroughly makes me question Kate Spade for not providing this information. It doesn't provide the weight of either bag and I think that's a major factor into choosing a get away bag. I'm pretty sure the term "get away" is to get away as fast as possible. Maybe that's just me but you can't "get away" with a 50 pound suitcase. Even if it does have wheels. 

Anyways, just my thoughts. If anyone can tell me just how heavy these bags are, you'll be a life saver. Haha. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Plan a Trip to Europe with your Mom

Hyde Park, Planning a trip to Europe with Mom

Let me start this post by emphasizing how much this trip means to me. I've been trying to go to Europe since I was... I can't even tell you. Six years old? Probably about as long as my Mom has been telling me her travel stories. 

Once upon a time, my Grandfather worked for Pan Am Airlines as a mechanic. Due to his affiliation with the airlines, my mom (and her 5 siblings) flew stand by everywhere. Could you imagine?! 

I'm going to go ahead and stop there before I go on a rant about my mother's journeys because, let me tell you, there are a lot of them. You will get jealous, just as I've gotten jealous for decades.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Booty Challenge

Booty Measurements

Last week was a really rough physical week and I don't mean because I worked out a lot. No, no. I went to a weight lifting class and I had a late volleyball game and that's all the exercise I really had because I had a terrible migraine and then I pulled the crap out of my neck. I have no clue what I did but it's still not completely healed up. I'm a bit nervous to play volleyball this week due to it so I'm just going to have to take it easy...

Friday, March 27, 2015

5 Favorite Duchess of Cambridge's Shoes

Duchess of Cambrisge shoes
Starting Left: Stuart Weitzman- Corkswoon // L.K. Bennett- Zella // L.K. Bennett- Sledge // Dune London- Pied a Terre Imperia Navy // Stuart Weitzman- Minx Wedge
We all know her, we all adore her. We're all obsessed with her shoes! That's right, my name is Allison and I am obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge's shoe closet. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cinnamon Honey and Scorn Squash

After a really long work out and swap up in my routine, I thought I was running to late volleyball practiced. Knowing the bus would take longer, I walked the full 20 minutes home. Not to mention I ran a mile and a half before my actual class!

By the time I got home, I really didn't want to spend 40 minutes cooking anything. So, I made a really easy veggie and fruit smoothie. I added my vegan protein powder and used a full banana cause I love thick smoothies. A co-worker of mine is obsessed with squash and taught me this super quick recipe when she just wants something healthy but is also dying for something sweet.

Cinnamon, Honey and Acorn Squash...