Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pink Laced Top & High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans

facing camera smiling and leaning

High wasted "cropped" jeans. There are times when being petite isn't so glamorous. Any concert that insists upon "general admission"as "seating", or as I like to call it... standing with no space. At a company meeting and any one above 5'3 sits in front of you. The list goes on.

However, our small victories lie in the women's department where we can make out like bandits in the "chopped" pants section. Personally, I'm never looking for cropped pants unless I'm buying workout gear but cropped pants has become very trendy during Spring and Summer the past few years. Lucky for me, and any other petite woman, cropped pants happens to be the perfect length regularly hemmed petite denim. And hallelujah! to that.

A girlfriend and I were discussing how it always bothered us how tall women got to the petite section in search of skirt and dresses. On them, they're mini skirts! I always used to be offended and think "get out of my section!" It hit me today that I could go into the "tall" section and get anything altered. Anything at all! Take in, brought up, hemmed, etc. It would fit. I could alter it to be perfect while the poor, darling talls of the world normally can't find long enough pants to not be cropped.

The grass is always greener, right?

So for my dear tall friends out there, I do apologize for complaining about you shopping in my section. You take as many mini skirts as you need. Please don't mind me grabbing your crops. <3

Moving my hair

Side shot

back shot

front and smiling

Pink Laced Top - Forever21 (old, similar, similar) // High Waisted Denim - Zara 
(sold out, similar, similar, similar) // Floral Booties - Mia // 
Gold Diamond Earrings - TJ Maxx(similar, similar) // 
Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain - YSL #5 Rosewood Gang

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Cupcakes & Cashmere Maroon Dress & a Leather Jacket

WIW, facing forward

I know what it's like to see the impossible as a blogger. Especially a blogger with a full-time career, a non-profit committee chair and volunteer. I cannot imagine blogger mommys lives when mine is always packed to the brim. Life gets in the way, post move to the back burner for family matters and scheduling shoots is pushed to 5 minutes before running out the door to catch the morning bus. It's work you need to push for. 

Which is why this post is special today. The dress I'm wearing is by a blogger I've followed for years and years: Cupcakes and Cashmere. She's one of the reasons I started my Monthly Favorites Series, which I plan to bring back but revamped to be more specific. 

Even though I bought this dress at Nordstrom Rack, on sale, I have been following her line for quite awhile. The Nordstrom in downtown Seattle carries it and I often pick up her pieces to try on but I haven't fallen in love with an item like this one before. I've worn it twice in a matter of weeks and each time differently.  I love the versatility it holds. 

It's really important for me, as a blogger, to see others strive and succeed in what they want. I'm sure Emily didn't expect to get offered a clothing line or a book contract (never-the-less two) when she was starting out. No, she started her blog to simply document the things she loved. Ten years later, she's taking the world by storm. I don't know Emily personally but I know I will always support her because I've gotten to see first hand how far she's come and know how much work she's put in. 

Unfortunately the dress I'm wearing is completely sold out. When this happens I always advise to check out ebay. However, I'll put some similar dresses below, along with a link to Emily's full clothing line. 

WIW, side

WIW back

WIW hair

WIW sitting

Dress - Cupcakes and Cashmere (sold out, similar) // Leather Jacket - Caslon (similar and on sale,
similar) //Leather Boots - Ralph Lauren (similar) // Clear Quartz Necklace -
Banana Republic (old, similar, similar) // Aventurine Bracelet (similar) // 
Rose Quartz Bracelet (similar) // Sandalwood Bracelet (similar) Pearl Bracelet (similar)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Black Swing Dress & a Duster Cardigan

facing camera

Who doesn't love a quality duster? Amiright?

This gem of a cardigan was bought on not just a whim but a prayer from Zulily. I saw it, wasn't crazy about the price but knew it would be a great staple in my wardrobe. I was right. It's perfect for the days when I want just a little drama in my style. The color goes really well in the Fall and is playing nicely into Spring so far. It's going to be great from those Summer nights spent by the fire.

Can you tell I'm craving sunshine and Summer time?

My dress is also from Zulily. It's a nice and easy swing dress. I was having one of those days where I "just want to be comfortable". I know we all have mornings like this. It's nice to know others have these days too. Hopefully, it's just a one day feeling.

Details on the outfit are below.

looking out the window side

looking at the camera other side

back of outfit

looking at bangles

sitting looking at camera

Duster Cardigan - Avenue Hill (sold out, similar, similar) // Swing Dress - Zulily 
// Wedge Booties - BCBG (old, similar, similar) // Necklace - Forever21 (similar) //
Wooden Bracelets - Thrifted (similar)

Monday, March 5, 2018

Green LUSH Slit Top and Bootcamp

Good morning! Happy New Week! 

I'm walking into this week with positive vibes and extra motivation. This weekend I got to experience another crazy bootcamp class with two of my favorite people in Seattle. It was an opportunity to merge two worlds and get an insane work out in as well. Two birds, right?

This past year, I talked a lot about working out. Primarily because I haven't had much time to do it and it's caused a lot of anxiety in my life. It's not easy to be happy, my eating habits has been garbage and my body has been witnessing the consequences day after day after day. I think the biggest issue for me in peer pressure and socialization. I love eating out with friends and, especially, trying new drinks. 

Working out never used to be hard. I went, I worked out, I was done. 

So here's my oversized LUSH top from Nordstrom. The beautiful silky top that lets me hide everything I don't want to be seen when I've had a stressful time and an even tougher food week. Worn with fringe earrings to match, a wooden bangle and a beaded set I got in Mexico. I'll do my best to document my workout journey along the way. 

Top - LUSH // Pants - T Tahari // Pumps - Nine West (similar) //
Wooden Bangle - Goodwill (similar) // Wooden Bead Bracelet - The Vajra // Beaded 
Bracelet - Mexico // Tassel Earrings - Saks Off 5th (similar, similar)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mahina Boutique Overalls & Baseball Hats

front photo

Another incredible piece from my favorite Hawaiian Boutique, Mahina. These cotton overalls are dying to come out of my closet for Spring and Summer. I'm desperately trying to pair them with sweaters and cardigans which has been working, for the most part. Today they've been paired with my Mariners cap, classic white tee and black pumps to help with my height. It's an easy and relaxed look, though I probably won't be seen at the grocery store in it. It's more of a Fri-yay attire.

It's also worn with my lucky handmade Abalone Shell necklace and a low french braid. My favorite feature is obviously the pockets but I love how loose the back of the overalls are to keep them comfortable. They don't feel tight at all. Perfectly fitted.

I hate that I live so far from this little boutique. This piece came from the boutique in Kailua. The same as my jumpsuit I posted from last week. The ladies who were working the floor were such a delight and helped me out in finding exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this boutique. If only they weren't an entire ocean away!!

looking out the window

laughing at myself

overall stance.

Cotton Overalls - Mahina Boutique, Hawaii (similar, similar) // 
White Tee - Target // Black pumps - Nine West (similar) //
Abalone Shell Necklace - Homemade (similar) // Mariners Hat - 
Mariner's Store (similar) // Diamond Earrings - Nordstrom Rack (similar)