Saturday, June 23, 2018

3 Summer Perfumes & How to Choose Yours

Picture of three perfume bottles

As someone who is very particular about perfume, I can understand the hesitation to jump in and buy a new one. Not only are there particular scents that are attractive but there's also a scent sensitivity. Especially with musky flavors. 

How do you go about choosing your Spring/Summer perfumes?

There are a lot of competitive perfumers in today's market. Stopping into places with a wall of aromas can not only be overwhelming but nauseating. So, here are some does and don'ts to finding your perfect eau de cologne. 

To start, don't actively go looking for a scent. It's normally something that's best stumbled upon while browsing. The reason for this is because you'll inundate yourself and may walk away with something you don't truly love. 

Don't actively smell more than 4-5 products at a time because it's easy to walk away confused. Most places, like Nordstrom, Anthropologie and any boutique will have displays with coffee beans in cups to cleanse your nose's palette. Those beans are great to smell in between samples to reset your senses and to help you make a clearer decision. 

Definitely ask for a sample. Places with desks, like the Jo Malone counter at Nordstrom, will give you the opportunity to stop in, smell and walk away with 1-3 samples. The advantage of this is being able to try those scents at home before making your final decision. The only trouble is falling in love with more than one bottle! 

It's okay to try the perfume on right there by the counter. Step into any shop and they'll be trilled that you're trying on their scents. Take a queue from our lovely Queer Eye boys though: Spray, delay, walk away. Reason being, you don't generally spray perfume right onto your chest or wrists. It's more of a mist so you don't overload your senses. Think about what you would do at home. Spray one on in the store, come back and purchase if your body's oils mix well with the scent. Do not try and make an essence work that makes you nauseous when you walk away. You'll regret it and it's so unfortunate when that happens. Even if the bottle is cute! Walk away, lovelies. 

Final thought, absolutely buy the expensive bottle you fell in love with. Though it's a lot, it's something you'll use everyday in the spring and summer. Once the season is over, store your perfume in a cool and dark location so they don't spoil or turn to alcohol. That one bottle could last you a few years. If you're not ready to make a big purchase like that, consider waiting for christmas or seeing if they have a travel size to start with. A lot of scents come in rollers now. 

Those are a few tips for you as you start your journey. Here are three of my personal favorite perfumes:

Jo Malone Perfume Bottle

Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne. Described as: A youthful and fruity fragrance,  inspired by the delicious scent of just-ripening nectarines and a taste of refreshing peach sorbet. Mouthwatering nectarine and peach with hints of plum, blackcurrant and vetiver are combined with the sweet warmth of acacia honey in this truly seductive combination.

1856 Darjeeling Perfume bottle

A Rather Novel Collection Eau De Parfum: 1856 Darjeeling. One of my absolute favorite fragrances which I don't think will be coming back into stock. It was exclusively built for Anthropolige, so I am milking this bottle like it's my job. Described with: touches of cardamom, mint, fresh jasmine and cedarwood highlight this yellow tea blend (WOODSY). From the house of Givaudan.

Tocca Florence Perfume Bottle

My all time favorite perfume is Tocca 'Florence' Eau De Parfum. This little number is something I've been wearing for over 8 years now. I ask for it for Christmas about every 2-3 years or so. It reminds me of summer time and of Hawaii, for some unknown reason. It's made with my all time favorite smell, Bergamot. This is described as: an alluring combination of Italian bergamot and crushed violet petals, with touches of ivory gardenia combined with blonde wood. It is a sophisticated and feminine scent that conjures the image of a Parisian sophisticate.

Happy browsing, friends.  

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Beach Lunch Lounge & Madewell

Outfit of the day, Beach Lunch Lounge shirt and Madewell tote

Yes! The sun is out. It's light til 10pm and that summer glow is upon us!

BeachLunchLounge, three of my favorite words all coming together to create this miracle top. Literally, best brand name ever. There slogan is "throw on and go", which is MY favorite slogan. Pretty sure this little brand and I are going to be best friends.

This top is soft. So soft that I washed it already, air dried it and it's still soft. It's the best carefree top I own and the feel of it makes it more like lounge wear. Which is wonderful when you don't know what to wear to work or don't feel like dressing up too much. This shirt will make you looked pieced together but with the touch of ease.

Black jeans in the summer can be a little rough but I work 5 days a week so it's super easy to pull off. Plus, by adding a bit of browns and cognac, it makes it much more easy going and comfortable. Professional beach vibes. Now all I need is a nice rosé and a patio somewhere to pass the time.

Outfit of the day, Beach Lunch Lounge shirt and Madewell tote

Outfit of the day, Beach Lunch Lounge shirt and Madewell tote

Outfit of the day, Beach Lunch Lounge shirt and Madewell tote

Outfit of the day, Beach Lunch Lounge shirt and Madewell tote

Top - BeachLunchLounge (similar) // Jeans - Leith (old out, similar, similar) // Flats - Tory Burch 'Minnie' Travel Ballet Flat // Tote - Madewell Medium Leather Transport Tote //
Sunnies - BP (similar)// Bracelet - Gift (similar) // Ring - Stella & Dot and Gift //
 Studs - TJ Maxx (unseen, similar)

Friday, June 15, 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

A father's day guide of gifts, help finding a father's day gift

Father's Day is coming in hot, friends, and I'm here with a quick little guide to help make your lives a little bit easier. This past year, my parents decided to make a huge change and move into a two bedroom apartment complex and live out their younger years all over again. They couldn't be happier in their little place. They went from a 3 door garage, 5 bedroom home with a den to a mere 1,200 sq ft. Impressive right? 

With the downsize, they got rid of a lot. A LOT. My dad is a pretty simple guy. He loves the little things in life, literally. Especially since they've moved. So I stuck to the basics keeping my Dad in mind and also thinking about what my Dad loves, for yours. 

I'll start with the sunglasses. My Daddy-o is blind as a bat, poor boy. This year he splurged and bought himself a pair of prescription sunnies for when he's on his motorcycle or barbecuing on the back patio. He lovvvess them. These are a classy pair of Ray-Bans but my Pops is a fan of Tom Ford. 

H2O is a must for my D-A-D. He goes to the gym every single day after work and he's the most organized gym rat I'm ever met. He has a specific bag for his dirty clothes so they won't stink up his backpack. Shoe scents for his shoes so they stay fresh. But most of all his trusty water bottle. I love my hydro flask for hiking and so does he. It's a quality gift for Father's day. 

There's nothing more in this whole world that my Dad loves than his college team. Lawd, if I had a dollar. This man wears purple and gold every waking moment he's outside of the office. These cuff links are perfect for any Padre who just loves his ala mater. 

The fitbit. Not only does my home-boy have a fitbit but he actually wears two! He got one from work and it does "something different from something" (I wasn't listening. I was too busy laughing because he was wearing two of them. Sorry Dad). Long story short, my gym obsessed father tracks everything and this really helps him out and reminds him to stay mobile. If your Pops likes to compete with himself, this is a great gift. Maybe buy him two! 

Music for the barbecue, music for the bike, music for hikes. You can't go wrong with a bluetooth speaker. This would be perfect for the bathroom. Instead of crazy out-of-sync whistling, maybe he'll keep with Billy Joel's tempo. No promises though. 

Last but not least, beef jerky. Is your dad a jerky buff? Some of my best memories are taking long car trips with my parents and my Dad always eating jerky and sunflower seeds. These are all natural, grass-fed and nitrate free jerky to keep your Père's protein up. These packets are also considered Paleo-Friendly for those on the diet. 

There you have it, my loves. 6 perfect gifts for dear ol' Pa. I hope you guys get the chance to celebrate your favorite humans who you consider a Dad. 

Sunglasses - Ray Bans // Cuff Links - Cuff Links, Inc // Fitbit 2 - Fitbit // 
Wide Mouth Bottle - Hyrdo Flask // Bluetooth Speaker - Bose // NatureBox - Paleo Beef Jerky

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Empower Women & High Waisted Black Jeans

empowered women tee with high waisted black jeans
The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you're very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble. - Serena Williams

I'm super lucky. In this life I have the privilege of an amazing support system of women. A team of smart, courageous and independent women that I have the honor to call friends. When advice is needed, I know exactly who to call. When I'm down, there's always someone to kick me and say "you can have this moment but then you need to wash your face and carry on with your day with you head held high".


There aren't a lot of people like me in this world. It's easy to cut each other down and talk smack behind our sisters back. Anyone can do it. It makes you feel better about yourself for a bit but then you're right back where you started. One of my goals this year is to lift and empower females. Younger, shorter, older, taller. All ages, all stages, all salaries. We need to boost one another. Life is hard enough we don't need to be judging each other. We don't know what demons others face each morning. Some people need to look the devil in the eye to survive the day.

Wearing this shirt helps me empower women. Can you believe that? By simply getting up in the morning, tucking in my shirt, helps me give strength to someone who needed these little words of encouragement walking down the street. It provides me strength and pride to be a feminist. An equalist, if you will.

You need a friend, sister? Let's be strong together.

empowered women tee with high waisted black jeans

empowered women tee with high waisted black jeans

empowered women tee with high waisted black jeans

Empowered Women Empower Women Tee - Amazon // Black High Waist Jeans - Leith (similar, similar) // Black Belt - Thrifted (similar) // Black Pumps - Nine West (sold out in most sizes, similar) // Black Leather Jacket - Caslon (similar) // Watch - Marc by Marc Jacob // Sunglasses - BP (similar)

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Yellow Dress & Celebrations

Lush Skater Dress with denim jacket and madewell tote at Pike Place Market Seattle

Oh darling friends, thank you for bearing with me during this crazy month I've had. Have you ever had a time where you're craving nature and can't even think of being in front of a camera or being on social media? That was May. I couldn't help it. It's been beautiful outside and being outdoors, running through trails and trying to take care of myself really took presence.

Oddly enough, celebrating my birthday really brought me back into my creative space. I've spoken about being around creative people before and how empowering it can be for me. Simply going to an art gallery or sitting in on a show or seeing a band can help me get out of my own head for a change.

This year I didn't plan to do much for my birthday. I didn't want to do much. To be honest, my birthday is a day of reflection for me. Some people go crazy and need to be around a ton of people. Some people, like me, take the time to reflect on their year. They also might review their finances for the upcoming year, plan where they want to go and put together a budget to make it happen. Which is exactly what I did.

However, day of was a lot more eventful than I had intended. I spent the day with 5 out of 6 family members and we went to see James Taylor and his all-star band at the Key Arena. For a 70 year old man, he was jumping, dancing and full of life as any! He was such an inspiration. Being able to experience seeing him with my parents was amazing. I grew up listening to his music, along with The Beatles, The Monkees (Davie was my favorite), Billy Joel (my parents are from Long Island) and so many others. James Taylor was a bucket list item that I didn't think was possible. I couldn't have had a better day.

It was definitely a unique birthday. I tried so hard to not make a big deal out of it - but no one would let me! Which I can't tell you how much I appreciated. My friends and family really went out of their way to make me feel adorned. One of my best friends was in LONDON and she still managed to leave me a voicemail. Gem, right? It's a blessing to have support and love all around me and I am grateful everyday for it.

So that's what's up with me. I've got a few posts that I'm working on lining up in the queue but I'd love to know how you guys are doing.

Thanks for stopping in today. Outfit dets below!

Lush Skater Dress with denim jacket and madewell tote at Pike Place Market Seattle

Lush Skater Dress with denim jacket and madewell tote at Pike Place Market Seattle

Lush Skater Dress with denim jacket and madewell tote at Pike Place Market Seattle

Yellow Dress - Lush (Come in different colors!) // Denim Jacket - Gap (Old, similar and comes in petite, similar and comes in petite!) // Brown Sandals - Sam Edelman, Valerie // 
Sunnies - BP (similar) // Tote - Madewell, English Saddle