Thursday, March 14, 2019

That Preppy 60s Vibe

Hello, my lovely friends! This photo shoot has many accomplishments attached to it. To start with, I took these photos myself. Me, my tripod and little remote (Thanks, Dad!). Despite having a blog and very social lifestyle, I'm actually a private person. Packing up my stuff, driving to a park and photographing myself in front of others gave me complete and utter anxiety. However, I did it! I did it, guys. I kept repeating "you're doing this for your readers" and I got the courage to do it. Oye.

I learned a ton and I hope to get the courage to do it again. It was such a beautiful day, I couldn't pass it up.

I'll chat about my second success after talking about my outfit! ...

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Beach Hydration 101

Hello, my lovely friends! I'm back to the cold and rain lingering Seattle but my heart is still watching surfers on the North Shore in Oahu. I've had a few questions about my trip and they both struck up blog post ideas! So, thank you to my wondering IG followers for asking! You guys have the best ideas.

When it comes to traveling, I'm a hydration junkie. I openly admit it. Airplanes suck the moisture right out of your skin. Which is why I always go prepared. For this past trip, we went from not seeing the light of day for 4 months to maximum sun exposure. Yes! Salt and sand are great natural exfoliants but mixed with the sun can be a lot. 

I digress - hydration junkie...

Monday, March 11, 2019

Vacation Vibes: OOTD Hawaiian Style

Aloha, my lovely friends! If you're keeping up with me on IG, you know I've had a few changes this past week. I changed my personal account to private and made the decision to officially make P2 my primary account. Having two was too much to try and keep up with.

You'll also know that I'm back from Hawaii and, though I tried, I didn't post a single blog post while I was out there.... Not one. Haha! Not according to plan but that's all right. I got to sit back and enjoy my vacation. I'm still trying to figure out my blogging and social media posting. Being on a break was nice to find a great routine to for uploading.

My outfit... 

This outfit was taken after the beach and before we headed out for acai bowls and hiking. I was luckily to have my friend snag these before we ran out the door. When I'm in Hawaii/Vacation, I don't wear make up because at any moment I will jump in the water. It's not practical when we know we'll be out hiking too so I've got a fresh face for you today.

I also tend to go a little boho while in Hawaii. I completely reject all things pants related. It's shorts or nothing at all! These shorts are old too! I've had them for at least the past 6-7 years and you'l never guess from where (see below). My striped tank was a purchase I made two days in at my favorite boutique on the Island, Mahina in Haleiwa. Cardigan is also super old but a dear friend from summer nights and I don't know if I'll ever get rid of it because it holds a lot of great memories. "Slippahs" were also purchased after my trusty old sandals broke! You can buy them at almost any store in Oahu but I'll find a pair and link them below. I will be keeping them because they have a ridiculous store that I'll be sharing in a future post.

Striped Tank - Mahina (similar) // Black High Waisted Shorts - Forever21 (olddddd, similar) // Cardigan - Pink.Rose (old, similar) // Hawaiian Slippahs (RIP my other sandals. Haha!)

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Spring Biker Chic

Black Leather Jacket Floral Peplum

Hello my lovely friends. Two things: I can't believe it's the end of February and I honestly can't wait for Spring. So even though it's freezing here and we're expecting another week of snow, I pushed through the cold for this posts pictures because I love it.

This outfit is very... ME. A beautiful mix of romantic and edgy. I feel comfortable and like myself in it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Girly Business Vibes In Wide Leg Trousers

River Island Sailor Pants OOTD

River Island Sailor Pants OOTD

Hello, my lovely friends! Long story very short - I'm obsessed with these pants and I've decided to try and give my posts a different vibe to them. This past weekend I researched and youtube'd dozens of videos on editing photos. My college days have surpassed a great deal of time so I decided it was time to catch up. I miss my photography days.

Speaking of, my younger sister has been such a champ this winter. She has been kind enough to put up with me on my quest for the perfect photo locations. I have so much fun laughing with her throughout these shoots.

As for these PANTS!...