Monday, April 29, 2019

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Brown Snake Print Spring Dress

River Island Snake Print Dress

Hello dear friends! This week has been super dreary and rainy. I don't do well going from sunny back to our grey days. It tends to take a lot out on my mental health. I'm not on social media as much, I don't want to do much and blogging takes a back burner because my creativity is low.

So, I'm in the market for vitamins, if anyone has an recommendations. I know summer is just around the corner but it would be nice to get through Spring in one piece. I've already started taking B12 again, which has helped quite a bit but I think I'm missing some key ingredients for the mind.

In short, these photos were taken at the very beginning of the month. I know, really not normal for me. However, I will admit that I've overloaded myself with extra curricular activities. One of my main commitments will be taking a step down in June. Which is very exciting for me, as I intend to dedicate that extra time to you guys and P2.

Speaking of, this dress. THIS DRESS! Friends, this dress makes me so happy...

River Island Snake Print Dress

Friday, April 12, 2019

White Ruffle Dress for Spring

Hello, my lovely friends! 2019 has been nothing but crazy. How is it April? What happened to March? I have so many ideas planned for my posts. Everything is outlined and yet, I haven't been able get any of them scheduled. I'm truly hoping April will be kinder.

If you've been following me for a while, you know I don't buy a lot of clothes. I try not to, at least. When I buy clothing, I'm normally on the hunt for a piece and I'm more inclined to buy quality items to fit my style than fast fashion. In short, something needs to be pretty special and be at a very reasonable price to make it to the cashier.

Every piece of my outfit today is special...

Monday, April 8, 2019

Vacation Vibes: Aloha Beach to Dinner Chic

I'm sad to post this but I absolutely have to. As you guys can tell, I've been dragging out my Hawaii trip for an entire month now. It's officially been a month so, I digress, it's time to post my final Hawaii ootd post. Insert teary eyed emoji here. 

These photos make me so happy. They were unbelievably special because I got to partner up with my new photography friend Cindy Marie. I spoke about her in my first blog post here and, guys, she's such a pro. Can't recommend setting up a shoot with her enough. 

This day was so much fun, especially chasing the sunset on the northern tip of the North Shore in Oahu. My goodness we got lucky with the weather, the beautiful colors and the privacy of the beach. I could have jumped right in the ocean but the wind was so fierce that I had to throw my hair up. The waves were out of control and almost dangerous that far north due to them. I was totally prepared though, with my bathing suit on underneath! ...

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Morning: Nordstrom Wishlist

Hello, my lovely friends. I've been thinking of building something consistent. Something I can post every month or bi weekly. As you all know, I love getting creative and showing you guys my #ootd posts but I also want to share what I'm eyeing, watching, into and where I want to go next.

Introducing, the Sunday Morning series. Ideally, these will be going up once a month and I'll share my current vibes with you! Sunday mornings reminds me of Sunday morning cartoons and how much I looked forward to watching them every week with my parents. So I hope this is a series you come to enjoy as much as I love building them out.

On to today's post!

Something I've come to terms with is how my closet has slowly turned PINK. My gosh, the color is every where! In every possible corner. I've been actively trying to avoid it but can't! I will say that I'm pushing away from greys. I have so much of that color from winter. So, I think my subconscious wants warm, bright happy colors and pink happens to be my go-to.

With that said, let's begin with these beautiful pink Marc Fisher Debora Slide Sandals. It's not a surprise that these got added to the list. I'm obsessed with my Marc Fisher Alva Booties. How could I pass by these slides? I can't. They're on the list and I'll let you all know if they make the cut. These would look amazing with an off the shoulder cropped top or  one that could be tucked into a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Next? Spades. I adore them. Especially in gold. Symbolically, spades represent life, the start of something new and an end to another, air, intelligence, nobility and truth. In short, these polished gold Kate Spade Spade Stud Earrings are perfect for a professional setting and will keep you genuine.

Flowy beautiful Spring dresses. Ugh, I love. Especially ones that go right into Summer! That's what I'm all about. The most covered in flowers, the better. This Row A Floral Maxi is quickly selling out fast but paired with a black leather jacket, strappy heels for a nice night out? Perfection.

You all know my favorite eye patches. They are always on my wish list for the day I run out and need to order a new box. These are a pack of 15 and are my savors for sleepless nights, long flights and the occasional worse for wear morning. Infused with collagen for elasticity and provide glowing heathy skin. These Beautybio Bright Eyes Illuminating Colloidal Silver + Collagen Eye Patches are arguably my favorite item on this list.

Bralettes! Maybe it's all the Spades talking but I feel like I need to tell the truth. They're comfortable, easy to wear under sweaters and at home. This Free People Miss Dazie Bralette is beautiful in the yellow and would be lovely peeking out of an off the shoulder white top.

Last up is this chic Ted Baker London Ziina Elegance Scallop Camisole. Stunning and would look so feminine under a white blazer or tucked into a pencil skirt. It would also look cute casually under a pink bomber jacket and paired with light colored jeans. I love the pattern and how Springy it looks.

I'd love to know what you guys are eyeing for Spring and what's on your wish list too! À bientôt!
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